Welcome to the BrixFlow Network Effect

BrixFlow Capital is a real estate investment manager augmented by BrixFlow Platform

Unlock the full potential of unique investments

We enhanced returns by accessing difficult-to-obtain sources, and specialize particularly in directly connecting the pieces of the puzzle in a technology driven environment.


Our success is based on providing a high value add service combining technology and experience.


We adopt a long term, technology enhanced, relationship driven approach.


We provide efficiency, velocity and exclusivity in a fraction of the time of other players and that put us at a unique competitive advantage.


BrixFlow Capital team is an integrative force, with shared hand-on experience in every sector of innovative solutions.

Our team loves nothing more than the challenge of solving an unsolvable problem, and is committed to perpetuating the BrixFlow revolution that will change real estate investments for the better.


Through leveraging our Brixflow Platform deal sourcing capabilities, Brixflow Capital has access to a high quality stream of both on and off-market deals.

When combined with the resources of our top asset management partners, our collaborations yield a two-layered market outlook with exceptional access to preeminent deals.


The emergence of advanced intelligence technology is enabling traditional industries to enhance profitability and make exponentially smarter decisions based on data-generated insights. Commercial real estate, a multi-trillion-dollar industry, has been slow to adapt.

Brixflow Capital is introducing their advanced technology platform into the commercial real estate investment process, partnering with industry-leading investment managers, established operators, and select investors to unlock billions of dollars of untapped value.


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